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The Nazis and Deconstruction: Jean-Pierre Faye’s Demolition of Derrida

Sections of French and, more recently, American academic discourse in the “human sciences” have been dominated for decades by a terminology originating not in Heidegger but first of all in the writings of Nazis.

Multi-Culturalism or World Culture?: On a “Left”-Wing Response to Contemporary Social Breakdown

A critique of the Eurocentric conservatives and of the multiculturalists from the vantage point of an emerging WORLD culture.

Post-Modernism Meets the IMF: The Case of Poland

The Polish workers’ movement opened an irreparable breach in Stalinist totalitarian rule, not in the name of Marx or Luxemburg, but with the blessings of the Pope, the U.S. government, the International Monetary Fund and the Friedmanite school of economics.

The Universality of Marx

The question of the status of universality, whether attacked by its opponents as “white male”, or “Eurocentric”, or a “master discourse”, is today at the center of the current ideological debate